HCI & High Availability

High Availability with Virtual SAN

Create multi - node cluster with low cost and low complexity with any existing server hardware and any Hypervisor (VMware, HyperV or Linux KVM)

A Virtual SAN – a software-defined solution designed to run on two or more servers and deliver highly available shared


It simplifies your IT infrastructure. Eliminates the need for a physical SAN, enabling hyperconvergence by virtualizing the internal compute and storage of any x86 server and presenting it via a hypervisor as shared storage.

Any hyperviser (VMware, HyperV or KVM ) is supported.

A typical two-node configuration, with a centralized management interface and witness, is shown in below fig

How does it work ?

  • Creates a highly available shared storage across two nodes or more

  • Same code, regardless of hypervisor : vSphere, Hyper - V or KVM

  • Work on any x86 server, all types of storage and any CPU

  • Eliminates the need for a physical SAN

  • Synchronous replication across nodes.

What makes its different ?

  • Lightweight, low cost architecture simplifies deployment

  • Specifically built for both edge and datacenter

  • Runs on as little as 1v CPU, 1GB RAM & 1GbE

  • One tiny witness capable of managing1000 clusters

Who is using it ?

St Josefshaus Germany (healthcare), Tata Yazaki, NTT, Goodyear, Mistsubishi, TDK, Inditex (Retail), CASIO, Xerox, Bridgestone, Kawasaki and many more

Featured Video : StorMagic SvSAN Overview :